During our many years of experience building highly personalized WordPress websites we noticed a pattern emerging:

  • Clients only needed a simple, reliable website to represent themselves and their business. They had very basic website needs and didn’t want the feature complexity of a premium theme.
  • Clients wanted more flexibility to configure the look and feel of their website themselves instead of paying a designer to do this work for them. However, if they got into trouble, they wanted to be able to call on expert to help as needed.
  • Clients didn’t want to have to actively work to maintain their websites after launch. Things like core updates, security, hosting configurations, and plugin & theme compatibility was outside their abilities or interests.

This is why we created the Upsights network — We can provide a simple website solution that would work for people with a small business that just need to get it out there, or who need an online portfolio of their work, or who don’t feel confident enough to set up and maintain their own website from scratch.