If you need a simple website to get your idea/brand/name out there and want a reliable managed hosting package there are two Upsights plans to get you started.

Plan Upsights Theme Initial Meeting WordPress Training Managed Hosting Initial Training Meeting Launch Meeting Upsights Content Entry Upsights Basic SEO Cost
Yes Yes 2 hours Yes Yes Yes No No $500.00 + $12.00/month hosting
Yes Yes 3 hours Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes $1000.00 + $12.00/month hosting

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DIY plan
If you’re confident in your skills online, can use a word processor, and have some experience using a CMS like WordPress this is a great cost saving plan. This plan involves:

  • An initial 1 hour training meeting where we create your site, set up your login account, and show you the use of the Upsights theme and how it can be customized to fit your needs
  • You then take your login and at your own pace create and insert all the content you require, tweak the layout of the site with our customizable theme, and get your site ready to show the world.
  • We then have a 1 hour launch meeting where we set up your domain to point at your new site, answer any remaining questions, perform a final polish, and make it live.

Plan cost: $500.00

Full Service Plan

If you need your site up with no hassle, have created your content or are ready to create your content, and have brand assets like your logo created the Full Service option is a great fit for you. This plan involves:

  • An initial 1 hour training meeting where we create your site, discuss expectations, create a page structure for your content, and give you a login
  • You can then deliver us your finished content, either at the end of that meeting or whenever you have it created.
  • We then have a 1 hour design meeting where the site is loaded with your content and you select images and make design tweaks to the site with the assistance of one of our design team.
  • You then have time to review the site, make note of any small changes you want for the content or layout
  • There is then a final 1 hour launch meeting where we go over your notes, set up your domain to point at your site, answer any questions, and make it go live.

Plan cost: $1000.00

Managed Hosting

Both plans are partnered with our Upsights Managed Hosting. For $8/month we ensure your site stays in perfect health:

  • We perform regular maintenance on our Upsights Network – all WordPress core & plugin updates will be performed by us, as well as maintenance to ensure the custom functionality of the themes stays ready whenever you need it
  • Our physical servers are located in Canada which means all our client data remains in Canada and is in compliance with Canadian privacy laws
  • We only host Upsights sites that we create and have a suite of security tool that we use to ensure the network, and your site, isn’t left open to attack.

Managed Hosting cost: $12.00/month