If you’re confident in your skills online, can use a word processor, and have some experience using a CMS like WordPress this is a great cost saving plan.


We have created a responsive template for the Upsights network. It includes extensive Customizer capabilities to allow you to tweak its final design. These capabilities include:

  • Upload your logo and site favicon
  • Upload a hero image, or slideshow of images, for the home page.
  • Select from 12 distinct fonts for header text, and seven fonts for body text
  • Set a background color, a highlight color, and select colors for font and links.
  • Instead of a background color, upload a background image and tweak its display.
  • Add social media links and a custom line of text to be displayed in the footer on each page
  • Custom Post Type for Portfolio entries, with custom fields based on the categorization of the Portfolio entry as Visual Art, Writing, or Music
  • Custom Post Types for Events with control over event date, location, ticket purchase links, and event categories
  • Events listing on the front end available as a calendar or event list.

Customization requests outside of these features are not included as a part of the Upsights platform. Fully custom built websites are a distinct product from an Upsights website.


A DIY package site on the Upsights Network has three major timeline milestones

  • Initial Training Meeting: 1 hour training meeting where Sparkjoy will create the site on the Upsights network, set up a login account, and provide instruction for the site administrator in the use of the Upsights theme and its customization.
  • Content Creation, Population, and Customization : The site administrator will then independently create the content, populate the site, and use the Customizer to set the template options to their specifications
  • Final Launch Meeting: 1 hour launch meeting where any remaining questions regarding functionality are answered, Sparkjoy will make recommendations and suggestions based on the work the site administrator has already done, DNS is updated to point at the new site, and the site is launched.


Sites on the Upsights network are on our Upsights Managed Hosting plan which includes:

  • Regular Maintenance – we perform all WordPress core & plugin updates for you, including troubleshooting any compatibility issues should they arise
  • Local Servers – all our physical servers are located in Canada which means all our client data remains in Canada and is in compliance with Canadian privacy laws
  • Complete Security – this network only hosts Upsights sites, which we have built, and has a suite of security tools active on it, ensuring the sites aren’t open to attack.

Plan cost: $500.00 + $12.00/month managed hosting

Does this package suit your needs?

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