Sites on the Upsights network are on our Upsights Managed Hosting plan which includes:

  • Regular Maintenance – we perform all WordPress core & plugin updates for you, including troubleshooting any compatibility issues should they arise.
  • Local Servers – all our physical servers and client data is located in Canada and is in compliance with Canadian privacy laws.
  • Complete Security – this network only hosts Upsights sites, which we have built, and has a suite of security tools active on it, ensuring the sites aren’t open to attack.

Additional Services & Fees

Followup for the following services are available through Sparkjoy Studios at the rate of $120/hour:

  • Additional marketing or SEO
  • Content management
  • WordPress training
  • Image or asset development
  • Print material development such as business cards or promotional fliers
  • Upsights site option updates

Additional email accounts beyond the 2 provided with the Upsights plan are available at an additional $2 monthly fee.